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I will create excel vba macro program

Hello, I’m Serhii from Ukraine and I have more than 5 years of experiences in working with MS Office.

Often we are so busy it is more beneficial to outsource some tasks so that we can focus on more important matters. Let me perform these tasks for you.

My goal is to provide the best services for my clients. 

In this Gig I propose:
VBA / Macro creation, modification:
– reorganization of data;
– creating complex formulas, user-defined functions;
– creating charts and graphs;
– creating buttons, drop-down menus, userforms;
– export /import CSV;
– creating dashboards;
– removing duplicates from data;
and so much more…

IMPORTANTLY! The price and timeline could vary depending on the type and quantity of work. Please contact me before making the order, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Thank you very much!

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