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Discuss the importance of needs analysis

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    1) Explain the ways that recruitment can contribute to the implementation of Human resource strategies minimum 1 page

    2) Discuss and explain to the fullest the options to consider when designing a reward policy, recruitment policy, health and safety policy, age policy, promotion policy. Also take into account the procedures. Lastly in your work place analysis the above mentioned policies discussing at least 5 advantages and disadvantages. Minimum 4 pages

    3) Discuss the importance of needs analysis in employee training minimum 1 page

    4) What is performance management? Describe how it relates to the organisation strategic business objective. Minimum 1 page

    5) Describe the different methods of job evaluation ( point factor method, ranking method, classification method, and factor comparison method) taking into account at least 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of each of the methods. Minimum 5 pages

    6) What is a contract discuss at least 8 the provisions that are typically included in an employment contract minimum 3 pages

    7) Discuss the consequences of substance abuse in the workplace in relation to the employee , performance and the workplace at large. What rights do employees have in regards to drug testing.

    8) Discuss management by objectives and how it can be fairly used in the work place. Minimum 2 pages

    9) Discuss the merits and demerits of each of the following PIP tests, Intelligence test, psychological tests in the process of recruitment and selection.

    10 discuss the difference and similarities between leadership and human resource management minimum 2 pages

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